Maui: Hope in the Valley

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Maui: Hope in the Valley


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Revelation of Hope Singers

This musical offering was recorded live during The Revelation of Hope Seminar, with Evangelist Taj Pacleb, on the beautiful valley island of Maui. 48 songs on a 3-disc set guaranteed to touch you to the depths of your soul with the life-giving message of hope. Inspiring you with a faith that will in endure the dark valleys of life. ($40)

1. Before the throne of god above
2. By our love
3. When the time comes
4. I surrender all
5. We still and know
6. Are you ready for jesus to come
7. How deep the father’s love for us
8. I want to see jesus
9. All my shame
10. Can’t give up now
11. Emmanuel
12. Amazing Grace (My chains are gone)
13. How sweet name of jesus sounds
14. In times like these
15. Give me jesus (Instrumental)
16. Champion of love

1. More that wonderful
2. Lamb of god
3. Midnight cry
4. Light of the world
5. Sings of the times
6. I should have been crucified
7. Peace Peace
8. Feel the nails
9. No more night
10. Temple of time
11. Old rugged cross
12. Restore your church again
13. How could you say no to this man?
14. Treasure
15. If Heaven was never promised


1. Think about his love
2. Precious Lord
3. It’s my desire
4. He knows my name
5. Your grace still amazes me
6. Wonderful Merciful Savior
7. Lift him high
8. The lord is coming are you ready?
9. Nothing Between
10. Only jesus can satisfy
11. Sanctuary
12. I wanna go to heaven
13. Softly and tenderly
14. in the Sanctuary
15. This is my desire
16. On jordan’s Stormy banks
17. I have decided to follow jesus

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Date: June 2013

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