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The 96th Thesis Germany, March 2010


A call for another reformation….

In March of 2010, the Lord opened the doors for Revelation of Hope Ministries to conduct a week of revival in Berlin, Germany. The revival meetings were attended by many people sensing their need of a deeper experience with God. Evangelist Taj Pacleb gave the nightly messages with brother Taylor Faaiu leading out in music and with brother Gabriel Duhan as prayer support. The messages centered around the experience God’s people need to have for these last days. Germany is the country where the protestant reformation was born and all of Europe was set ablaze with the true Gospel of Grace through the preaching of famous reformer Martin Luther. Despite the mighty work God had wrought in that land in the earlier centuries, the enemy has worked overtime to cause the people of Germany to forget their rich heritage. Many churches in Germany have fallen into the sleep of carnal security and settled into the comfort of complacency. As church attendance is dropping dramatically, many of these ancient church buildings erected for the worship of God are being turned into night clubs and restaurants. Evangelist Pacleb challenged the people of Germany to not forget the rich Christian heritage of their past. He called for another reformation to take place in Germany. A reformation that will be even more powerful than the reformation that happened in the 16th century. The question was asked, “Where is the Martin Luther’s of today?” Many people responded in a fresh commitment to the faith of their fathers and to move forward in the mission that God has given them. People pleaded for the final revival and reformation to take place in that land.

At the conclusion of the week of revival, we were able to visit some historical places in Germany to learn more from the lessons of history…

Breaking Down the Walls…

This tour took us to see the remnant of the Berlin wall that still stands. The remnant of this wall that fell in November 9, 1989 was a spiritual reminder that sin is a wall that separates us from God and keeps us trapped in oppression, depression, and slavery. But Praise be to God that Christ came and “has broken down the middle wall of partition between us” (Ephesians 2:13-18). Through His death on the cross the wall of sin is removed and we can be reconciled back to God! Our God is in the business of breaking down walls of separation and building bridges or reconciliation!

This truth really came home as we saw the remnants of an ancient Biblical walls that was broken down by God’s decree…

At the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, we were able to see the actual walls of ancient Babylon. These ancient ruins were excavated by German archeologist and brought to Germany to be displayed. And just as the Bible described, upon the walls were pictures of Lion’s with Eagles wings! This was God’s prophetic picture to describe the ancient kingdom of Babylon (Daniel 7). It was more confirmation on how archeology confirms the authenticity of God’s Holy Word!

Remembering a time of trouble….

Our visit to the Jewish memorial and consecration camps reminded us of how cruel the human heart can be when God’s Spirit is rejected. What happened to the Jewish people in world war II was a great time of persecution. A terrible time of trouble. But the Bible teaches that there is coming a time of trouble such as never was in the history of our world (Daniel 12:1). In that time of great crisis, only those who are hid in Christ will be able to endure. God help us to abide in Him and remain faithful even unto death!

City of Luther: Wittenberg…

Besides the great food, sweet fellowship, and spiritual revival we experienced, the most memorable day of this trip was our visit to Martin Luther’s home village of Wittenberg. In this small city we were able to walk the streets where Luther walked, visit his home, stop by at the university he taught at, and sit in the churches that he preached in. Though we arrived at Luther’s church after closing time, the security guards let us in even and gave us opportunity to stand in Luther’s pulpit. Normally they have it roped off and no one can stand there. But with a little persuasion, or I should say begging, they gave us this privilege. It was an awesome experience to say the least. It was the context of where we were that made this experience so dramatic. You see, for centuries the people of Europe lived in a time of gross spiritual darkness. People lived under the constant burden of trying to earn salvation with the filthy rags of their own “good works”, offerings, and penance. Forgiveness was sold by the churches and though it was purchased for a high price, it never gave the buyer the peace of free forgiveness and the joy Christ’s righteousness. People lived in constant fear of God’s wrath and went to great lengths to appease His anger. God’s character of love was misrepresented by the organized church. The church used its power and authority for its own selfish gain and earthly glory. The people of Germany and all of Europe lived in the darkness of misapprehension of God for hundreds of years! The dark ages came as a natural result of removing the Light of God’s word and replacing it with the traditions of man. In this dark night of history Satan kept the people away from God’s Holy Word. Only the priest were able to read and interpret the Bible and the common people were left in gross ignorance of the true teachings of Christ.

But in this tiny town of Wittenberg, God rose up a man that had enough spiritual backbone to protest the errors of the church that he loved so much. Martin Luther was a priest of the church and though he could be put to a cruel death for challenging the authority of the church, he considered the preaching of God’s free gift of grace of more importance than his own life. And it was in that very pulpit where I stood that for the first time in centuries, people began to hear the true Gospel of salvation! The Gospel that had the power to liberate the soul from the bondage of sin and the false traditions and dogmas of the church. I could imagine in my mind’s eye the faces of the people lighting up with hope and joy as Christ and His grace was proclaimed by that mighty man of God. As I stood upon that spot I could sense the Holy Spirit still in that place. I could sense Him reminding me of the mission He has given to me personally to carry on what Luther started hundreds of years ago. To carry forward the torch of truth in all the dark lands of the world. To lift up my voice in protest to the errors of end time Babylon and to proclaim the beauty of heavenly truth as it shines from the sacred pages of Scripture. To be faithful to the calling He has placed on my life. To move forward in boldness though circumstances invite fearfulness and timidness. To not calculate the consequences of such a stand but to leave my life in the hands of God and let Him take care of me. I knelt down on that holy spot and committed myself anew in prayer that by His grace alone, I will answer His call to be His faithful servant in these last days. To shine brightly in this final dark age. God help us all to be faithful to that call!

The 96th Thesis: A Day to Remember…

We would dare not leave without visiting the church door where Luther nailed his 95 theses of protest which sparked this great reformation. As we stood there at the castle church door in Wittenberg, we considered the power that literature had in fanning the flame of reformation. It was a document, nailed to a wall, that caused people to ask questions as to the subject of truth. It was literature that caused people to understand the issues at stake in the great controversy. And it was literature that enabled people to intelligently take their stand on the side of the reformation. And so too it will be the printed page that will bring the final reformation to its climax as people learn the truth for themselves. During that time, Luther had 95 theses of protest. But since then God has given us more light. And so before we left, we decided that it would be well for us to add the 96th theses to the wall. And so we attached a GLOW tract on the gate that surrounded the door of the church where Luther nailed his theses. The subject matter of this GLOW tract was still a truth to be found in Luther’s time. The tract entitled: “A Day to Remember”, would explain the glorious truth of God’s seventh day Sabbath. A truth that Luther didn’t have at that time. But an absolutely essential truth for the last days. A truth that protests against the false day of worship that man has set up and at the same time uplifts the rest we have in God’s completed work of Creation and Redemption. This Sabbath truth, rightly understood, would teach us exactly what Luther began to teach. That is, we are saved only as we rest in God’s work of justification and sanctification of our lives. The 7th day Sabbath is simply an outward expression of this inward experience (Ezekiel 20:8). I’m sure Luther would be proud. This memorable day closed our time in Germany. Truly this was a day to remember! As we heading back home to the United States, our resolution to give God’s Revelation of Hope was confirmed and strengthened. By God’s grace we will continue to shine until He comes! Maranatha.

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