Revelation of Hope Ministries is a faith-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to prepare others to meet Jesus through the preachingteachinghealing, and singing of His end time message of hope. Through revivals, sacred music concerts, mission trips, medical missionary work, and public evangelistic meetings we seek to reach this goal. This ministry is completely dependent upon supporters like you. Thank you for your prayerful consideration in partnering with us to hasten the coming of Jesus!


Each week Revelation of Hope Ministries receive multiple invitations to do meetings all over the world. Unfortunately, we have to turn down many of these invitations. There is so much to do, and so little time to do it. Currently we are on the road approximately 9 months out of the year. We realize that in order to meet the need and still live a balanced life, we need to find ways to multiply the message in order to increase effectiveness and maintain a sustainable evangelistic ministry. The following list outlines various projects that the Lord has placed on our hearts that we feel will meet this goal. Most of these projects will utilize various media outlets to multiply the message. We are soliciting your prayers and your partnership to help bring these projects to life. We humbly ask you to please prayerfully consider what you might be able to sacrificially give to one or more of these projects.

PROJECT #1 – Replication of Revelation of Hope Bible Prophecy Seminar DVDs

This 35 part professionally recorded series has impacted thousands of people around the world and has in a great measure sustained our work. Thankfully our inventory has been completely wiped out by souls who are hungry for the bread of life. We are in the process of reordering, repackaging, and replicating 2,000 new sets to be used in evangelism around the world. The sales from these DVDs will be used to subsidize the operating expenses of our ministry. In order to secure a discounted bulk rate we are ordering 2,000 sets. The approximate costs for completion of this project is $30k. This includes video editing, graphic design, replication, packaging, and shipping.

PROJECT #2 – Revelation of Hope Bible Prophecy Seminar Study Guides

We are currently in the process of writing detailed, Biblically founded, Christ focused, prophetically framed, and Spirit-filled study guides for each of the 35 presentations. We are half way finished. The next step is to edit, format, and design each of the 35 study guides to be used for personal Bible studies and evangelistic meetings. We estimate this project to cost around $15k to complete.

PROJECT #3 – Revelation of Hope Bible Prophecy Seminar Online Bible School

Our new Revelation of Hope Ministries’ website is currently under construction. An exciting new component of the website will be a FREE online ROH Bible Prophecy course. Students will be able to sign up for free and will be given access to watch each presentation in sequential order. At the end of each presentation there will be a simple quiz. Once the quiz is completed, the student will then have access to watch the next presentation as well as have access to download the study guides, handouts, and the audio files of the presentation for free. The construction of this new website and online school will cost approximately $6k.

PROJECT #4 – Recording and Producing “The Art of End Time Preaching” Seminar

This is a 10 part homiletics seminar that is approximately 15 years in the making. Most of that time has been spent in gaining experience. The last few years has been spent in gathering and organizing the content for this practical and inspirational workshop designed to teach anyone how to use their voice for the cause of God in these last days. This seminar covers…

-The theology of preaching
-The qualifying characteristics of the preacher
-The foundation, focus, framework, and function of the message
-The managing the materials and 13 steps of sermon preparation
-The mechanisms and methods of voice and speech
-Tools of creative language and creative writing
-A critical examination of the preaching content and method of Jesus

This is a valuable seminar for the lay preacher and the experienced orator alike. The messages have already been written. We are raising funds for the recording, editing, mastering, replicating, packaging, and distribution of this timely series. We would also like to write study guides and incorporate this on our website as a free online coarse. The projected expense for this completed project is $20k

PROJECT #5 – Replicating and Packaging “Anchors of Truth” Series

This 5 part series was presented and professionally recorded at 3ABN in 2015.
This series contains my top 5 revival messages for God’s people in these last days:
The Face Behind the Veil
The Champion of Love
Rebuilding the Walls
The Smitten Rock
Highway to the Upper Room
Projected costs to edit, master, replicate, and package 1,000 sets of this series is $5k 

PROJECT #6 – Replicating and Packaging “Called, Chosen, and Faithful” Series

This 4 part series was presented and professionally recorded at the Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC) Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. This dynamic series was a clarion call to revival and a solemn invitation to faithfulness. These messages were calculated to challenge young people to stand up like John the Baptist and do the work of preparing a people for the coming of the Lord. This is a perfect resource to share with young people. The projected costs to edit, master, replicate, and package 1,000 sets of this series is $5k

PROJECT #7 – Various Mission Opportunities for 2017

Most invitations we receive are from places that are able to cover our travel expenses. Yet each month we receive invitations to minister in places of great need, but unfortunately do not have the resources to cover our travel expenses. They appeal to us to raise our own funds to come.

Fiji – We have been invited by the Fiji mission president to conduct a nation-wide Revelation of Hope evangelistic seminar this coming August. Each presentation will be broadcasted live via radio, internet, television, and satellite throughout all the islands of Fiji and the South Pacific. The entire Fiji mission has been gearing up and preparing for our arrival this coming August. Due to the devastating hurricane that hit Fiji last year, many of their resources have been allocated for rebuilding. We are seeking to raise $10k to assist in the expenses of this nation wide evangelistic meeting.

Lebanon – We have been invited by the university chaplains and the dean of theology of Middle East University in Beirut, Lebanon to conduct a week of spiritual emphasis this coming November. Middle East University is our premier Adventist university in that part of the world. We will be speaking to the entire student body, faculty, and surrounding community. We consider this a wonderful opportunity to encourage and challenge God’s people in the Middle East to become agents of change. Unfortunately the university doesn’t have the resources to cover any travel expenses. They have appealed to us to raise our own funds to come. Two roundtrip tickets will cost approximately $3k

PROJECT #8 – Produce Christ centered, Spirit filled Music CDs

Revelation of Hope Ministries has been blessed to work with some of the best musicians in the Adventist church. Over the past several years we have been able to sponsor and produce 8 powerful, Spirit-filled music albums. We believe as the book Evangelism says, that “music is one of God’s instrumentalities in the work of saving souls.” The world is full of bad music that glorifies the devil. One of our ministry goals is to redeem God’s gift of music by supporting converted Adventist artists that have a vision for evangelism rather than self-promotion. Our goal this year is to be able to assist in the producing of 2 new solo albums by Taylor Faaiu and Sivasa Laupati. We hope to replicate at least 1,000 copies of each. The sales of the albums can be repaid by lenders or go directly towards supporting the artists as “musicianaries” to continue to do their work as music evangelists.

Taylor Faaiu Solo Album – Approximately $8k
Sivasa Laupati Solo Album- Approximately $8k

PROJECT #9 – Hire Wati Pacleb as part time administrative assistant

For the past 11 years of our marriage and ministry, my beloved wife has truly been my helpmate. She does so much for our ministry without recognition or pay. She is the logistics coordinator, the visitations coordinator, registration coordinator, Bible worker, travel agent, health coach, team leader, finance manager, cook, etc. etc. As a registered nurse, she can easily choose to stay home and have her own career. She doesn’t enjoy the grueling traveling schedule like I do. But the Lord has given her a passion for evangelism. Her love for God and for her husband has compelled her to get out of her comfort zone, to put her own career on hold, and to travel with me everywhere I go. In order to protect our ministry and our marriage we have made it a policy to always travel together. But because of finances, there have been times that we’ve thought about pulling back and letting her to go to work as an RN to help subsidize the ministry. However, she continues to sacrifice for the sake of the ministry and is okay with not getting paid. This sacrifice is what makes it possible for us to do what we do. Jesus said that “a workman is worthy of his hire”. So despite her insistence that she doesn’t need or want to be paid, I would love to be able to provide her some kind of stipend for the full time work that she puts into the ministry.

PROJECT #10 – Replicating the Revelation of Hope Bible Prophecy Seminar in Korean

In 2015 we were able to conduct a Revelation of Hope Bible Prophecy Seminar in a bilingual Korean church. All the slides were bilingual and the Korean speaking translator was excellent! I was told that most Korean churches do not conduct intensive, systematic, 3 week evangelistic meetings. Thus, even many Korean Adventists have never had the opportunity to hear seminars of this sort. This seminar in the Korean language is very rare. So we would like to hire someone to edit the messages and make them available to the Korean speaking community around the world through our YouTube channel. The approximate cost to hire someone to edit and upload all the videos is $1k

(The above projects do not include our normal operating expenses of $80k per year)


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