“With everything that has transpired in my personal life these past few years, I wanted to take that experience and record music that would encourage the soul in the toughest, darkest, and most difficult and trying times of life. That is my goal, desire, and prayer for this new CD project.”  – Brother Taylor Faaiu

Millions of people throughout earth’s history have asked the question, “what is love?” Society has fallen short in their depiction of love. Relationships are breaking down, wars and hate for one another spin around like a dysfunctional cycle with no hope in sight. Where is love? Where is God? Is it even real? Does love exist? This upcoming album takes you on a journey from love lost, to love restored – to a love that has no ending. 

“The Art of End Time Preaching” is an upcoming DVD seminar that will explore the art of communicating the message of Christ in the context of these last days. Covering the theology of the preaching, the qualifying characteristics of the preacher, the foundation, focus, framework, and function of the message, managing the materials, steps in sermon preparation, the science of conviction, the art of the appeal, and the mechanisms and methods of voice and speech. This is a valuable workshop for the lay preacher and the experienced orator alike.