Jacqueline Jewel

Millions of people throughout earth’s history have asked the question, “what is love?” Society has fallen short in their depiction of love. Relationships are breaking down, wars and hate for one another spin around like a dysfunctional cycle with no hope in sight. Where is love? Where is God? Is it even real? Does love exist? This album takes you on a journey from love lost, to love restored – to a love that has no ending. ($15)


1. Hear This Prayer
2. A Love With No Ending
3. Jesus, What A Friend
4. Search Me, O God
5. O Weary Soul
6. Rise Up
7. Peace,Peace
8. Love Came Down
9. Jesus, No Other Name
10. Jesus Is All
11. Love The Lord
12. Give Him Your Heart

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Date: June 2016