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Revelation of Hope Bible Prophecy Seminar STUDY PACKAGE


35 power-packed presentations covering God’s final prophetic, present truth message. With over 50 hours of material, Evangelist Taj Pacleb systematically and sequentially expounds on all the major prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Each message finding its focus and foundation in Jesus Christ. Every major question of the Bible is answered in this Spirit-filled seminar. Perfect for sharing with non-Adventist friends, young people, as well as experienced clergy.

“This is the most powerful and heart changing evangelistic series I have ever heard. Through it the Holy Spirit challenges the mind and grips the soul. I recommend this seminar without reservation!”  –  Pastor Stephen Bohr, Secrets Unsealed

“His message is truth. His delivery is engaging. His love for the people is palpable.  His commitment to Jesus is unwavering. The evidence of our Lord’s blessing upon Taj Pacleb are sitting in my pews  each week.” –  Pastor Chad Stewart

  1. Unlocking the Mysteries of the Apocalypse
  2. The End! Is it Here, Near, or Mere Fear?
  3. Prophecy’s Final Countdown
  4. Superpowers of Prophecy
  5. The Lamb of Revelation
  6. Revelation’s Star Wars: Why Does A Loving God Allow Sin and Suffering?
  7. Revelation’s Two Minute Warning (2,300 Day Prophecy)
  8. Israel in Prophecy
  9. Revelation’s Knight in Shining Armor: The Secret About the Secret Rapture
  10. Revelation’s Answer for Global Peace
  11. Revelation’s Eternal Sign of Love
  12. Antichrist’s Greatest Deception
  13. How to Postpone Your Funeral (Health)
  14. Can the Dead Speak to Us? – Deadly Deceptions, Lovely Lies, and Confusing Counterfeits Exposed
  15. Revelation’s Final Showdown: A Thousand Years of Peace and Prison
  16. The Unquenchable Love: God’s Love in Hell’s Fire
  17. Living to Die & Dying to Live
  18. Revelation’s Beauty and the Beast
  19. Revelation’s Mysterious Horsemen: If There is Only One God, Why so Many Denominations?
  20. Path to the Throne of God
  21. The Wine of Babylon
  22. Survivors of the Longest War: In Search for the True Church
  23. Movement of Destiny (Rev.10)
  24. Revelation’s Spirit of Prophecy
  25. The Abomination of Desolation
  26. The Mark of the Beast & the Seal of God
  27. The United States in Bible Prophecy
  28. The Gospel in the 7 Last Plagues
  29. The Battle of Armageddon
  30. The Bad Breath of the Beast: Must I Speak in Tongues to Be Saved?
  31. A Love That Transforms
  32. The Sin that God cannot Forgive
  33. The Greatest Coward in the Bible
  34. No Turning Back: Can A Saved Man Choose to be Lost?
  35. What Will Heaven Be Like?


The ROH Study Package includes:
-All 35 Audio Mp3 sermons
-All 35 Preaching Manuscript Notes (Printable)
-All Nightly Handouts and Study Guides (Printable)
-PDF Presentation Slides for All 35 Messages
(Slides are for personal study only. Not for public presentation or distribution)
-Bonus Materials: Various Spirit of Prophecy Books, Various books by Adventist Pioneers, Biblical Research Institute Articles, Church History Books and much more!

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ROH Study Package Download w/MP3 Audios only (No DVDs) – $40


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Date: June 2013