We have just launched a NEW WEBSITE dedicated to demonstrate the matchless power, wisdom, and beauty of the Creator through the things He has made. Carefully read, the book of nature will reveal the fingerprints of an Intelligent Designer who desires to have a personal relationship with us. All photos are captured by Evangelist Taj Pacleb in his evangelistic travels throughout the world. Photography print sales will go directly toward the work of evangelism around the world. Visit www.RevelationOfHopeImagery.com to see our extensive photo gallery.

“Minds that have been amused and abused by reading fiction may in nature have an open book, and read truth in the works of God around them. All may find themes for study in the simple leaf of the forest tree, the spires of grass covering the earth with their green velvet carpet, the plants and flowers, the stately trees of the forest, the lofty mountains, the granite rocks, the restless ocean, the precious gems of light studding the heavens to make the night beautiful, the exhaustless riches of the sunlight, the solemn glories of the moon, the winter’s cold, the summer’s heat, the changing, recurring seasons, in perfect order and harmony, controlled by infinite power; here are subjects which call for deep thought, for the stretch of the imagination.” – EG White